About Me

Hello, I’m Antonia!


I am a free-from food blogger and baker based in London, but I was born and bred in Yorkshire – I have been living in London for over three years, but so far no one has managed to take the Yorkshire out me! I am also half Italian, so you’ll probably find a lot of Italian influences in my food.

Food has always been a big part of my life, but in my early 20s I started suffering from chronic fatigue and lost a lot of weight and it turned out that pesky gluten was the culprit. I was worried that having to change the way I eat would change the way I feel about food, but I ended up becoming even more passionate food and what good food is. I hope this really shines through in my blog, as I honestly believe that having to restrict your diet doesn’t mean that you can no longer enjoy what you eat.

I was inspired to write this blog after entering a gluten free baking competition and people started asking me for my recipes. Now, when I’m not doing my day job (singing opera and teaching music) I dedicate my spare time to developing gluten free recipes and sharing them here on my blog. When I’m not doing my day job or developing recipes, I’m drinking tea and playing endless games of fetch with my cat – I’m also interested in photography, painting, history and occasionally chat about my love of musical theatre on the MusicalTalk podcast.

Below are some of the goodies I’ve baked, all of which are on the blog:

All the recipes on my blog are 100% gluten free and any products that I use and recommend are ones I have tried myself. I recognise that all Coeliacs are different and that it is possible to be allergic to anything – please double check all the ingredients are suitable for you before trying a recipe. Some of my recipes are also egg free and dairy free.

You can keep up to date with my kitchen adventures by following me on Instagram @titchyton or by liking my Facebook Page.

I also contribute the occasional recipe to The Daily Spectacle website.

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6 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Jayla says:

    Hiya Antonia! I recently came across your recipe for gluten free buckwheat and peanut butter flapjacks. I was diagnosed with coeliac disease back in 2015 and then found I was allergic to oats in early 2016- which meant my mums magic flapjack recipe (which I have loved since I was little) went down the pan. 😦 Then I found this recipe and felt really excited to try it out. I am wondering how many buckwheat flakes to use though? My mums recipe calls for 100g self raising flour, 200g brown sugar, 3tbs golden syrup, 200g butter, and 100g oats. How many grams of buckwheat do you think I should use to replace the oats? Thanks in advance 🙂


    • antoniagentile says:

      Yes, it helps the scones to rise. I’m not sure where you are based – but if you’re in the UK gluten free baking powder is easy enough to come by – Dr Oetker is gluten free and Dove’s Farm also do a gluten free baking powder. If you’re in America, Bob’s Red Mill does a gluten free baking powder – this can be bought off amazon.


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