About Me

I’m an extremely titchy musician, food blogger and baker born and bred in Yorkshire, now living in London.


My problem with gluten was discovered four years ago at university, after a few years of feeling poorly, suffering with fatigue and weight loss – all of which was affecting my studies.

The road to recovery has been full of ups and downs  – I was worried that having to restrict my diet would mean losing my passion for food completely but in actual fact, I have discovered an even greater love of food and baking than I had before.

When I’m not doing my day job, I’m dedicating my spare time to developing gluten free recipes and sharing them here on my blog.

The aim of my blog to help people struggling with IBS, Gluten Intolerance, Coeliacs Disease and other autoimmune conditions like Crohns Disease, to discover that food can still be exciting despite the challenges of a gluten free lifestyle. I believe that with a little bit of know-how it’s still possible to enjoy food and to eat everything I used to eat before and now you will too!

All of the recipes on my blog are 100% gluten free and any products that I use and recommend are ones I have tried myself. I recognise that all Coeliacs are different and that it is possible to be allergic to anything – please double check all the ingredients are suitable for you before trying a recipe. Some of my recipes are also egg free and dairy free.

If you want to find out more about Coeliacs Disease you can find resources to help you at: https://www.coeliac.org.uk

You can keep up to date with my kitchen adventures by following me on Instagram @titchyton or by liking my Facebook Page.

I also contribute the occasional recipe to The Daily Spectacle website.

Below are some of the goodies I’ve baked, all of which are on the blog:

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