How to Avoid Cross Contamination

Cross Contamination is a huge problem for a lot of Coeliacs and it can be the reason a lot of people get ill accidentally, especially if you are cooking in a kitchen where meals containing gluten are also prepared.

If you are recently diagnosed or baking for family member who is gluten free, here are some steps you can take to ensure no cross contamination occurs:

  • Preparing food in a completely Gluten Free zone is very important as even a small trace of gluten is enough to make some Coeliacs ill, so be sure to clean all work surfaces and equipment thoroughly.
  • If you’ve been recently diagnosed it might be a good idea to invest in new utensils, especially ones that can’t be washed easily – like sieves, chopping boards etc.
  • Sometimes it’s good to have separate equipment from family members or housemates. A separate toaster is usually a good idea, as is guarding it with your life to make sure no one dares contaminate it with gluten!
  • Keep all ingredients separate from those containing gluten – in my house I have my own cupboard.